Ever wondered why the birds move in pairs and why the stars appear together?

I have pondered all of this and the effects of not having a similar circumstances. To me, loneliness is a bad dream to be wished away first thing in the morning. I have felt alone for as long as I can remember. I think loneliness must have been a birth defect of mine because I can’t seem to remember a time I was without the feeling of loneliness.

I tried to numb the feeling caused by loneliness by engaging in different activities like, being extremely extrovert, by befriending strangers for the heck of it, living in my head, which most often was my way of life and also ostracizing people when associating with them didn’t stop the feeling of being alone.

To be frank, I got to a point in my life, when I realized that I don’t connect with any one on the same level even my birth mother. Either they are way advanced or they are too mediocre. This was a real problem and it intensified the feeling of loneliness.

To battle this storm and make something of the life I had, I took up another approach which was not to fight the loneliness but to embrace it and to accept it as a gift of nature. This helped me open up a new channel for dealing with myself, with the feeling of loneliness and my inability to form a lasting relationship. I can say to you this moment that I have not felt better in all my years on earth as I do now.

I have accepted my yoke of loneliness, I have mustered the courage to be happy with being alone and to live life in its fullness even in loneliness. I see myself in a new light now and it has helped me to accept myself and my loneliness.